Innovative Principle Based Leadership Education for WV High School Students Expanding

Updated 4 years ago Special to HuntingtonNews.Net

This is an update on the latest activities of the Greenbrier Leadership Institute (GLI) to provide Principle-based Leadership Education (similar focus as that taught by the Greenbrier Military School) to High School students in Greenbrier and, soon, in Barbour, Randolph, and other Counties in West Virginia.

The GLI leadership program now in its sixth year, with over 200 participants in that period, developing young leaders in Greenbrier County is now in the process of expanding.   The expansion involves providing an additional Level I course in Principle-based Leadership for high school sophomores and juniors. Upon successful completion, the new juniors  and Seniors will be eligible for the Level II course which addresses practical application of leadership skills in groups of 5-6 students performing various community service projects.  

Both levels of the leadership program will use the new textbook developed by the GLI and authored by Jim Anderson, Program Director of the GLI, entitled “Principle-Based Leadership - Driving Your Success as a Leader”. According to Retired U.S. Marine Colonel Beaman Cummings, Executive Director of the GLI, “This text, along with various leadership assessment tools and Power Point presentations, in addition to face to face instruction and coaching, represents a major development toward making the GLI course the premier leadership program for high school students in the nation today.”

Another significant development is that now several Greenbrier County administrators and teachers have been trained to deliver and administer the GLI leadership programs. This step is essential to the growth and success of the GLI, and will ensure the programs will be available to future generations in Greenbrier County.

For more specific information regarding the GLI you may contact GLI Executive Director Beaman Cummings by phone at 480-510-7989 or email You may also visit the GLI website to see and hear actual GLI students discuss their experience as well as learn more about the Institute and its programs.
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