HPD Warns of Possible Fund Raising Scam

Updated 4 years ago Edited from a Press Release

The Huntington Police Department has released the following statement concerning alleged fund raising phone calls.

"We have received a couple of phone calls inquiring whether the Huntington Police Department's K-9 Unit is using phone solicitations to raise funds.  This press release is just a reminder to the public that neither our department, nor FOP Gold Star Lodge #65, uses phone solicitations as a means of raising funds," the release stated.

HPD continues, "These calls may be originating from a legitimate entity, but please take precautions to ensure it isn't a scam before making any donations.  If you feel you are the victim of a crime, contact your local authorities to report the incident.  An officer with Huntington Police Department can be reached by calling 304-696-4470 or 304-526-8585."

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