OP-ED: Stay away from Scorpions

By Shelly Reuben
 Shelly Reuben
Shelly Reuben
Next in the series from Come Home. Love, Dad, published by Bernard Street Books, a memoir about my father, Samuel Reuben – a truly extraordinary man:   A letter from Sam.

October 8, 1975 - Highland Park, Ill.

My dear Shelly ~

I will write you a few lines that will bring you up-to-date.  The weather has been very good.  There are no floods in the farms and the countryside.  The sun is shining every day.  

We had a visitor last week “his imperial majesty” Emperor Hirohito, the quiet gentleman from Japan.  He was taken from Washington D.C. to indulge in his passion, to wit, the study of marine life and the spineless crustaceans and hydrozoa that attach themselves to seaweed and shells in shallow ocean waters.  It’s 34 years ago that his noble majesty started a war with the U.S.A.   But now we’re all squared up with him.  All is forgotten.  We showed him the National Museum of Natural History and the “Woods Hole Oceanography Institution.”  He was also due to see the United Nations in N.Y.C.

We also got a little trouble in Spain.  The country has been having rough times.  General Francisco Franco, age 82 years.  We have some bases in Spain, so we can’t have them go communist on us.  They will be having changes of government and political upheavals for many years to come.  He has been accused of harboring fascist sentiments.

Uncle Jack has just returned from a trip to California and he reports Selma is beautiful as ever, and enjoys her work and studies.

Sheba is a good dog and she gets a bit of a walk with me every day.  Occasionally she asks, when are you coming back?

Write Linda and Paul a letter once in a while.

Kissenger has returned from Egypt after closing a deal with Israel for Electronic Surveyors in the Sinai.  Naturally the Syrians were not covered with joy at this apparent giving in to Israel.

I think that I had better send you a few copies of “Time Magazine” or “Newsweek” to keep you up to date on literature and world events.

We, that is, Mother and I, have cleaned out the garage and boy did we throw out good stuff, antiquities, inventions, etc.  We salvaged a few convex mirrors.

 Note for Today:  Generally, scorpions avoid human beings and they run away for exclusion of light.  They delight in creeping into beds, shoes and clothing, so that when we get into bed or put on our garments, we may be invading the place which a scorpion has chosen to hide away from daylight.

The scorpion applies a poison oozing sting, causing violent pain or weakness.  There are some who die with the small bite of a scorpion or snake.  

Stay away from snakes or scorpions.

Love from Dad

Copyright © 2011, Shelly Reuben.  Reprinted from Come Home. Love, Dad, originally published by Bernard Street Books. ISBN: 0-9662868-1-2.  Available from barnesandnoble.com; Amazon.com, or your local bookstore.  Shelly Reuben has been nominated for Edgar, Prometheus, and Falcon awards.  For more about her books, visit  HYPERLINK "http://www.shellyreuben.com" \o "http://www.shellyreuben.com/" www.shellyreuben.com.  Link to David M. Kinchen's reviews of her novels "The Skirt Man" and "Tabula Rasa":  HYPERLINK "http://www.huntingtonnews.net/columns/060605-kinchen-review.html" \o "http://www.huntingtonnews.net/columns/060605-kinchen-review.html" http://www.huntingtonnews.net/columns/060605-kinchen-review.html


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