West Virginia American Water Expanding Credit for Small Business Customers

Updated 4 years ago Edited from a Press Release

West Virginia American Water announced  that in addition to providing residential customers with a 1,000 gallon credit to allow them to flush their water system without cost, the company is also committed to offering a credit to its small business customers.

“To aid small business customers in this difficult time, we will offer a financial credit equivalent to 2,000 gallons calculated on the second tier block of our tariff rates,” said Jeff McIntyre, president of West Virginia American Water. “We will be providing this credit, which amounts to $20.58 per bill, to some 5,280 commercial customers. This credit not only recognizes the size of these commercial establishments but also their need for additional cleansing requirements.”

West Virginia American Water is working with the state Public Service Commission on both residential and commercials credits.

West Virginia American Water’s 1,000 gallon residential credit equates to approximately 10
days of normal water usage for the average residential customer. The maximum water flow
through a standard residential 5/8-inch meter is 20 gallons per minute. Flushing guidelines
provided by the company instructed customers to flush for a total of 25 minutes, which would
use, at most, 500 gallons.

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