Raising Funds for a Water Doc

Updated 4 years ago Special to HuntingtonNews.Net
Raising Funds for a Water Doc

Help raise money for a documentary on the Elk River Spill by purchasing a t-shirt.

While the story of the chemical spill has gotten bigger and bigger, the national media keeps choosing issues like a traffic jam in New Jersey, pop-star DUIs and dirty hotels at the Olympics. Although CNN (Brooke Baldwin, Wolf, etc.) and MSCBC have scorched those allegedly responsible, the stories have  barely acknowledged that 300,000 individuals who were exposed to a licorice flavored toxic chemical which no one seems to know anything about.

Jason Myer, media producer from WV, lives less than a mile from the spill vows I'm  to do my best to tell the story of what happened here and what's happening to so many people in rural areas.



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