By David M. Kinchen
BOOK NOTES: 'The Boys of Sabbath Street' Published Feb. 14, 2014 as Trade Paperback


On this day that honors love, including love of books and reading, I was delighted to get this message from one of my favorite authors, Shelly Reuben:

Dear Friends and Mystery Lovers –

A big Valentine’s Day Hello . . . with a bit of happy news thrown in for good measure.

My new novel, "The Boys of Sabbath Street", is coming out as a trade paperback today.  Yay!!!

In lieu of chocolate, I invite you to consider celebrating with a little arson, a lot of magic, a sprinkle of eccentricity, and a few assorted love affairs.

If you would rather read The Boys of Sabbath Street on your cute portable gizmos, it is easily downloadable as an e-book.  And for those who prefer to listen to their books, Blackstone is publishing a wonderful audio version on March 15.

A few rave reviews to tickle your fancy:

If you are interested in magic—and who isn't?—you will love this delightful story. If you are charmed by people falling in love you will love this story.  And if you like a good mystery you will love this story. 

Albert Ashforth – Author of "The Rendition"

Shelly Reuben is a magical storyteller: Her new book displays what magical storytelling is all about.

David M. Kinchen - Book Critic for HuntingtonNews.Net

An outstanding tour de force – fast-moving, funny, full of surprises…Shelly Reuben knows what she’s talking about and knows how to write an enjoyable mystery.  

Robert Rusting – Rusting Publications

You can read more about me and /or order The Boys of Sabbath Street on my web site:

Click here: The Boys of Sabbath Street | Author Shelly Reuben

And I would love to hear from you.  About life, snow, your dog’s newest tricks … or just to say “Hello.”

May your Valentine’s Day be filled with love, chocolate, flowers, and, of course, books, books, books.

Happy Reading !!! -- Shelly Reuben

                                                       * * * 

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