The Homeless Man Who Received $100,000

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The Homeless Man Who Received $100,000

Every day someone’s family member passes away and leaves them with family assets they never expected.

There has never been a more dramatic instance of this occurring than what happened to Max Metzler, a homeless man living on the streets of Salt Lake City. His life would be changed forever (or so the world thought) when his bother Morris passed away in Schenectady and left him $100,000 to get off the streets.

The Money and Max

It took a long time for family members to find Max. When they finally located him they found him in Salt Lake City. His appearance could be described as disheveled at best. He had a long, droopy face. His hair puffed out at the sides while being close to balding on top. His cheeks had withered into his jaw. He had an unkempt beard, and bushy eyebrows.

They asked him to come home. He did so somewhat reluctantly. He was 66 years old at the time and wasn't looking to do much of anything. He always had a passion for cars. The only thing he did with his inheritance that can be verified was buy a Pontiac GT. Then he faded away, exiting his family’s life as quickly as he had re-entered it.

The Missing Year

No one heard from Max after mid 2011. The man simply disappeared. Then at some point in March of 2012, Max reappeared under rather dubious circumstances. He contacted a local newspaper in Albany, NY to report that a woman armed with mace had accosted him. The crime was never reported, but Max felt it was newsworthy. The fact that he was still in the Albany area was perplexing to his family. They figured he had driven the car back to Salt Lake City.

So Who is the Real Max?

No one seems to know much about this mystery man. Most of the stories he shares lack credibility, though some could be true. The reason for his homelessness is not clear. He was the driver in an accident that occurred in 1990 in which his wife and two other passengers were killed. Some say he was never the same after the accident. It is not hard to believe that that he could not recover from the guilt, and felt he didn’t deserve anything else with his life. Being homeless was his punishment, so he didn’t understand why money came as a reward. Any work he did revolved around cars. It is assumed that most of his inheritance was used to purchase and trade cars.

Where is Max Now?

This much is known for sure. He currently sleeps under one of several bridges in the New York area. He attempts to remain anonymous in order to hide from his fleeting fame. He owns a Cadillac currently under repair. Every few weeks, he collects bottles, makes a payment to Better Body Works and vanishes into the night. Even after his brush with fame and fortune, Max remains the same.


Bruce Roberson is a private investigator at Tristar Investigation where he specializes in uncovering hidden family assets and catching cheating spouses.

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