Oscar Dress Up Party March 2 in Charleston

Updated 4 years ago
Movie lovers have their own March Madness: the Academy Awards! Just like that other March Madness, you can get in on our Oscars pool to win movie posters, tickets to the WV International Film Festival in May, and other good stuff. The party Sunday March 2 from 6 p.m.-11 p.m. at the Upstairs Lounge at Little India, 1604 Washington Street East in Charleston.

Sponsored by the WV International Film Festival, a press release said, "This will be a fun time with other cool people in support of bringing great films to Charleston that don't otherwise show here! "

Attendees are encouraged  to dress to a a 10 or dress ridiculously. There will also be prizes for the Best Dressed and Worst Dressed!

Admission is $10 and includes finger foods and a ballot for who you think will win in each of the categories
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