A Perfect Storm of Favors Put WV Made "Doughboy" On the Screen

by Tony Rutherford , HNN Entertainment Editor
A Perfect Storm of  Favors Put WV Made "Doughboy" On the Screen
HUNTINGTON, WV (HNN) - Unlike most independent films, “Doughboy” received a two week engagement at WV’s largest theatre chain. Producer Kristin Selbert hopes this will allow them to skip the “film festival” route and obtain national distribution courtesy of publicity generated during the two week engagement.

Aside from Terry Kiser and Emmy nominated composer Bruce (“Silverado,” “Dive from Clausen’s Pier,” “Lost in Space”) , none of the cast or production personnel have Hollywood pedigrees. Their filmographies mostly entail shorts , videos, and independent works. Michael Allen (“Mitch”) has a lead in the upcoming “Memory Lane” (shot on a $300 budget) and first time  director John Wayne Myers previously penned “Flamingo Dreams,” which starred Kiser.

According to Director Myers, “ the whole thing was a "perfect storm" of a small group of people who all do what they do really well, and understand one another's strengths and weaknesses. Ty, Ryan (D.P. And editor) and myself have done over a hundred short subject films together, and it was time to do a feature.”

Still, these filmmakers had not brought in a feature previously. Yet, they raised the bucks quickly from four  or five sources. As for the creative perfectionism necessary to edit and loop the flick after the actual shoot, Myers called it a matter of pre-organization.

"To address your "nuts and bolts" question about scheduling and organization, that was me, with my producers hat on. Ryan was great with te technology and the shot list, and Ty wrote e a brilliant script. Kristin Seibert, one of the exec producers has a background in development, so she helped to get the script exactly right. Robin Capehart and I had been talking about putting together some films for about a year, and once we settled on some agreeable subject matter, he and Kristin pulled together a small group of investors rather quickly - within about 6 weeks. It is actually a 2 film deal - there will be at least one more film- likely many more. The budget is officially "under 1 million," and that's for marketing purposes, but the truth is that it is waaaaaay under a million. You probably wouldn't believe what we did this film for if I told you.

“Doughboy” intentionally makes its viewers put on their thinking caps. While allowing viewers to make a decision concerning both patriotism and honoring veterans, the script has numerous ambiguities for coffee house caffeine consumption.

A Perfect Storm of  Favors Put WV Made "Doughboy" On the Screen

Having promised director Myers to keep his answers off record on specific scenes, I think it’s fair to reveal that “I don’t like clear answers. I prefer the viewer to discuss and interpret.”

As for the appearance of Terry (“Weekend at Bernie’s”) Kiser, Myers explained that
“he's an old friend of mine, and he came in and raised the bar for everyone, adding a level of professionality that we all had to rise to. Not to mention some much needed levity.”

Myers hopes to reward Kiser for working on this low budget, meaningful message flick: “ It's a heavy piece of material, and the dashes of humor make it tolerable, and give it heart. I was concerned about that. My good friend came through for me in a big way. I want to repay him by getting him an Oscar Nomination.”

Beneficial networking assisted too with the musical score.

A Perfect Storm of  Favors Put WV Made "Doughboy" On the Screen

“One thing we haven't talked about is the amazing score by the legendary composer Bruce Broughton,” Myers said. “. Another friend of mine; I called in all my favors on this one. Working with Bruce was absolutely the high point of my professional career.”

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