Appalachin Film Festival Sets March Dates

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Appalachin Film Festival Sets March Dates

The 2014 Appalachian Film Festival will take place on the Marshall University campus March 28-30 during the 37th  Annual Appalachian Studies Conference.

At press time, films and showtimes are still being confirmed, said Sam St. Clair, chairman of the festival.

“Trace Around the Heart”  shot in Huntington with local musician Sasha Colette will be one of the films shown.  It tells of a one hit wonder country singing  puppet named Trace Cherokee who agrees to a reunion performance with Sasha, his ex-girlfriend.

Others include “Passenger Pigeons,” “If I Had Wings to Fly,” “Mr. Cool Willie,” “Lincoln County Massacre, “ and “Mountain Music Project.”


The Vanscoy Brothers, Tim and Lon, will hold a casting call March 29 for their shocking in production horror flick tentatively in Charleston.  A teaser trailer has already been released on You Tube.  To confirm time and location, visit:


Sen. Joe Manchin has applauded the promise of movie mogul , Harvey Weinstein, to shift from glamorizing vicious gun violence. Weinstein known for “Kill Bill,” “Pulp Fiction” and “Grindhouse”  told CNN that his decision came after the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, which killed 27 including 20 children. Weinstein and his family live 20 minutes from the scene.

During a Huntington forum , Manchin said,“I’m glad [Weinstein] said he’s not going to make violent films anymore.”


Manchin believes that through the film industry and other cultural violence, “kid’s today are immune (to violence) by playing a video game where they are shooting policemen and other people in authority.”

Nevertheless, the former WV governor initiated a tax incentive that now helps draw filmmakers to the state.

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