Suspect Arrested for Bringing Heroin to the Cabell County Courthouse

Updated 4 years ago by Tony E. Rutherford, News Editor
Roy Harrington
Roy Harrington
Courtesy Western Regional Jail

A man entering the Cabell County Courthouse Monday, February 24, made a big assumption. He thought there would be no security. He brought a bag of heroin with him.

After first refusing to go through metal detectors, the man put  the bag in a tray  and took off running, said Lt. John Williams.

Huntington Police located him in an alley between Third and Fourth Avenue.

A second man was also arrested, Williams said.

Roy Edward Harrington, 41, a 6'4" African American has been lodged at the Western Regional Jail. Bond has been set at $30,000 for possession of heroin with intent to deliver as well as fleeing and obstruction.

A 22-year-old Michigan man was charged with a misdemeanor in connection with the inident.

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