Generation Huntington Announces Leadership Board for 2014 Year

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Huntington, W.VA. – In what promises to be a year of record breaking and change, the former Huntington YPC has not only announced a name change, now changing to “Generation Huntington”, but it has also announced a new team of leadership to steer the newly invigorated committee of the Huntington Chamber of Commerce.  “The changes taking place are exciting, but can’t happen without a solid team making these decisions and putting these changes into action”, says Chris Wallace, the new Chair of Generation Huntington.

Chris Wallace, the new Chair of Generation Huntington, is the owner of “Brand Yourself”, which is located in Heritage Station, downtown Huntington.  “Brand Yourself” provides marketing materials, such as signage, promotional items, vehicle graphics as well as marketing consultation for businesses.  You can also find cool regional apparel in their retail shop.  Chris and his wife, Katherine, enjoy spending time with their four year old and one year old daughters, Madeline and Annabelle.  Chris has been involved in the YPC since 2009 and is excited to become Chair of Generation Huntington.  He is also the Marketing Co-Chair for Generation WV, Board member at Unlimited Future, Heritage Station Shopkeepers Association, Downtown Huntington Partners and much more. 

Tiffany Bajus, the Vice-Chair of Generation Huntington, is a “transfer resident” from Fairmont, W.Va.   A Marshall University graduate with a bachelors in public relations, Bajus currently is the Communications Specialist for Marshall University Communications and was previously the Marketing Manager at the Big Sandy Superstore Arena. Bajus has a three year-old daughter and enjoys sporting events, concerts and everything Huntington, WV has to offer.

Aaron Arnold joined the Cabell-Huntington Convention and Visitors Bureau team in September of 2012. Aaron is a native of Grayson, KY but has lived in Huntington since 2005, when he married his wife Courtney. He came to the CVB from the Hampton Inn-Downtown in Charleston, where he served as Asst. General Manager. Through his various volunteer efforts, Arnold is the best candidate to head up Generation Huntington’s membership division of the leadership team.

Brian Sipe, the General Manager of the SMG Managed Big Sandy Superstore Arena, is happy to be the Secretary of the Generation Huntington committee this year.  A member of Rotary, Lions Club and New Life Church, Sipe is thrilled to have been involved in this group since he moved here, from Hershey, PA, in 2010 and believes there is a lot of things to be excited for in 2014!

Tyler Rowland, the new Generation Huntington Treasurer, is a staff accountant at Trainer, Wright, & Paterno (TW&P). He started at TW&P in June 2012 after gaining experience working for Arnett, Foster, & Toothman in Charleston. In addition to being the treasurer for Generation Huntington, he also serves on the board for the Huntington Chapter of the WV Society of CPAs and the Career Wealth Network. Tyler attends Bridges Christian Church.

Jayson Moore graduated from West Virginia State University with a degree in Business Administration. Moore is currently a member of JP Morgan Chase team as a mortgage banker offering a variety of financial products to help meet client’s financial goals and aspirations. Moore is heading up the Volunteer division of the Generation Huntington leadership team, hoping to encourage his fellow young professionals to get involved in the community and give back to this great city.

            Brandi Beasley, Volunteer Coordinator, is currently the Event Manager at the SMG Managed Big Sandy Superstore Arena.  The sister of Tiffany Bajus, Beasley is happy to get more involved with Generation Huntington this year to help her fellow GH members volunteer in various opportunities around the City of Huntington. 

            Generation Huntington is a committee of the Huntington Regional Chamber of Commerce for anyone ages 21-40.  The annual membership is $30 for any Chamber member or $60 for any non-Chamber member.  Starting in 2014, anyone in their Senior Year of Higher Education may join for $25 and their first year post-graduation will also be invoiced at $25 to encourage those about to join the workforce to get involved early in Huntington’s only Young Professional Committee. 

                For more information on Generation Huntington, please visit or call Brian Sipe, GH Secretary, at 304-696-5566. 

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