UPDATED: Winter Storm Preparations Continue in Huntington and West Virginia

Updated 4 years ago by Brian Chambers, Director of Communications City of Huntington
UPDATED: Winter Storm Preparations Continue in Huntington and West Virginia

UPDATED: WV Governor Tomblin has ordered the opening of the state emergency operations center. Members of the National Guard, State Police and Red Cross have assembled to handle the ensuring snow and ice emergency. Winter Storm Warning continues, three to ten inches of snow expected. Icing and slush mean slippery road conditions. "Absolutely terrible," road conditions predicted on glazed over roads. 

As a major winter storm approaches Huntington, here are updates on emergency preparations should the storm severely impact Huntington or the region:

Here is an update on preparations for the winter storm:

EMERGENCY SHELTERS: Plans are in place to open emergency shelters in the city if there significant power outages. The shelters have backup generator power, cots, blankets and food. The locations will be announced immediately if the shelters are deemed necessary.

Emergency shelters with backup power and other supplies have been set up at the Salvation Army, 1227 3rd Ave., and at the Tri-State Fire Academy, 4200 Ohio River Road. However, these shelters are NOT open at this time. They will open if and when the need arises. Additional shelters will be made available to the public if needed.


UTILITY PREPARATIONS: Service Electric Co. of Chattanoonga, Tenn., has arrived in Huntington, bringing 110 trucks and 130 line workers, according to a company official. They are stationed at two locations on U.S. 60.


ROADS: The City of Huntington has 300 tons of salt as well as calcium and cinders to combat ice and snow. Pretreating roadways was not an option earlier today due to rainfall. However, crews will begin treating roads at 7 p.m. The efforts will continue overnight and into Monday morning.

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