PARALLEL UNIVERSE: Let's Have Mail-In Early Voting for Everybody

By David M. Kinchen

Today is primary election day in Texas, where I've lived since the summer of 2008. I've voted, but I didn't get wet standing in line to cast my ballot on this rainy day in Coastal Texas: Texas is one of 37 states with some form of early voting and I voted a week ago with a mail-in ballot.


I have a modest proposal: Why not extend this privilege -- now limited in the Lone Star state to voters 65 and over -- to everybody? It's in operation for everyone in Washington state and Oregon, so why not everywhere?


Here's a story from Portland, OR about mail-in or postal voting:


It's so logical, and practical for people who work and may not be able to get to the polling place in time to vote. With today's economy, many people are working two jobs to make ends meet, making it almost impossible to go to a polling place.


I got my mail-in ballot a good two weeks before election day, giving me plenty of time to research the candidates and their qualifications -- or lack thereof.


Let's do it!

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