Video: Learn What's Coming When MU's Visual Arts Center Opens

Special to HNN Provided by Marshall University

Marshall University's new Visual Arts Center on Fourth Avenue represents the largest investment in downtown Huntington since Pullman Square. Across from Pullman, the  former Stone and Thomas Department Store has been renovated. Turning the structure into a Visual Arts Facility involved, among other items, new self service elevators.

As a historic note, Marshall did not acquire all of the former Stone and Thomas property. The portion to the east that included the former entrance , display frontage, and elevator tower was not included. This section of the former Anderson Newcomb Company store had been added during various expansions. 

For those old timers that remember visiting the store, the shoe department, the areas immediately after stepping off the elevators, the former beauty shop, and the men's department are not part of the original structure.

The video supplied by Marshall University outlines the downtown renaissance anticipated by the opening of the new facility.

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