by Tony Rutherford HuntingtonNews.Net Reporter

COLUMBUS, OHIO (HNN) – A recent Ohio EPA report has listed Scioto as one of seven state counties with higher than acceptable cancer risks from air pollution. The Ohio EPA report stated that cancer risks in Scioto County run 1.01 additional cancers per 10,000 people.

The majority of the toxins originate from vehicles (automobiles, buses, trucks, trains, etc), but in 1999 Ohio EPA requested that the New Boston Coke Plant test coke over gas emitted from the facility. Unacceptably high levels were found and Ohio EPA took enforcement action. The plant had to install a permanent flare to incinerate all emitted gases from the ovens.

New Boston Coke closed in 2002.


Cancer risks in the seven identified counties ranged from a risk of 1.01 cancers per 10,000 people (Scioto) to 2.1 cancers per 10,000 people in Columbiana County.


The report identified areas that may require further agency action, such as helping with voluntary reduction efforts and compliance with new federal standards, Ohio EPA Director Chris Korleski said in a statement.

Although Ohio EPA officials state that these toxin results have been publically available, some environmental activists state this is the first they have heard of the reports.

The report can be downloaded as a PDF at: