Record-setting performance propels Thundering Word to state title

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HUNTINGTON, W.Va. - Marshall University's Thundering Word Speech and Debate Team set a record at this year's state tournament at WVU-Parkersburg by winning every individual event, debate, pentathlon, individual events sweepstakes, debate sweepstakes and combined sweepstakes.

"We took home every state championship, all but one first place and all but one third place in all events," Coach Danny Ray said. "This is our fourth consecutive state championship and fourth tournament victory this year."

Marshall also set a team record of most points scored with 777 in the tournament, which took place March 7-8. WVU-Parkersburg took second with 113 points, Fairmont State was third with 71, Alderson Broaddus was fourth with 70 and Shepherd placed fifth with 12.

Marshall next travels to Indianapolis March 20-22 for the Pi Kappa Delta National Comprehensive Tournament. The National Forensics Tournament is in April.

This year's state tournament results for Marshall are:

Lincoln-Douglas Debate
1. Kai Stewart; Semifinalists: Matt Osteen, Joe Garton

Lincoln-Douglas Debate Speaker Awards
1. Matt Osteen; 2. Joe Garton

After-Dinner Speaking
1. Christian Adams; 2. Matt Osteen; 3. Garrett Walker; 4. Logan Spence

Dramatic Interpretation
1. Logan Spence; 2. DeVan Sample; 3. Juliet Djietror; 4. Marji McCoy

Dramatic Duo Interpretation
1. Victoria Ledford and DeVan Sample; 2. Christian Adams and Marji McCoy; 3. Alyssa Hager and Logan Spence

Rhetorical Criticism
1. Matt Osteen; 2. Victoria Ledford; 3. Garrett Walker; 4. Joe Garton

Impromptu Speaking
1. Kai Stewart; 2. Victoria Ledford; 3. Christian Adams

Extemporaneous Speaking
1. Matt Osteen; 3. Garrett Walker; 5. Kai Stewart; 6. Joe Garton

Persuasive Speaking
1. Alyssa Hager; 2. Marji McCoy; 3. Victoria Ledford; 4. Juliet Djietror

Informative Speaking
1. Taryss Mandt; 3. Victoria Ledford; 5. Alyssa Hager; 6. Logan Spence

Poetry Interpretation
1. Taryss Mandt; 2. DeVan Sample; 3. Logan Spence; 4. Christian Adams

Programmed Oral Interpretation
1. Taryss Mandt; 2. DeVan Sample; 3. Victoria Ledford; 5. Matt Osteen; 6. Garrett Walker

Prose Interpretation
1. Christian Adams; 2. Taryss Mandt; 3. Alyssa Hager; 5. Juliet Djietror

To be eligible for this award, students must be entered in five events with at least one in each genre of competition.
1. Christian Adams; 2. Victoria Ledford; 3. Matt Osteen; 4. Garrett Walker

Debate Sweepstakes
1. Marshall University

IE Sweepstakes
1. Marshall University

Combined Sweepstakes
1. Marshall University
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