UPDATE: Berry, Gossett Jr. Cast in Ironton Writer’s “Extant,” McConaughey NOT Cast, Fisher States

Updated 4 years ago by Tony Rutherford , HNN Entertainment Editor
Mickey Fisher
Mickey Fisher

Ironton native Mickey Fisher continues receiving elated news regarding “Extant,” which he created and has been set as a CBS summer series.

Halle Berry will play the female astronaut (Molly) attempting to reconnect with her family after spending a year in space. According to TV Guide.com, Louis Gossett Jr. will play Molly’s dad.

However, Fisher told HNN, today, that "a friend posted on my  Facebook page  that Matthew McConaughey and Kate Winslet had been cast only as a joke" ..... yes,  Matthew McConaughey,  Kate Winslet, Phillip Seymour  have NOT been cast. 

"Just wanted to let you guys know those guys are NOT in the show," Fisher said in an email at 7 p.m. Thursday, March 13.

The "joke" kinda reminds us of the one that heated up Morgantown and Huntington, WV IP providers in which a pseudo news story claimed that Huntington's mayor would ban Mountaineer colors, although he graduated from both universities.

Although the ruse foiled me... it's appropriate that those "We are Marshall" and "Titanic" stars, along with the  "late Phillip Seymour" would surface on someone's smile zone radar when conjecturing a discussion of  "re-connecting" and "clones."  Those science-fiction themes echo the veiled "Extant" and the West Coast  debut of Fisher's play, "Replica,"  which undertakes a novel  experiment --- that of a terminally ill woman's memory and personality retained  retaining  in a look-a-like clone.

“Replica,” runs March 13-15 and 19-22 at the Grand Central Arts Center, California State University, Fullerton, Calif.,  starring Julie and Janna Cardia and John Short. The production takes place as she and her “replica” undergo a series of tests following the procedure.  http://jannacardia.wix.com/replica#!about/cb3i

In an earlier interview, Fisher told HNN, “it takes standard science-fiction elements and treats them like family drama.

Using a futuristic earth where aliens, androids, and space travel are the norm, "Extant is grounded in a very real, hopefully emotionally compelling story about people you want to root for", Fisher said. "I think it's doing something that a lot of sci-fi has stopped doing these days, which is that it's using that story to explore questions about what is it that makes us human." http://www.huntingtonnews.net/69273

Fisher’s series amassed awesome buzz well before Sandra Bullock’s “Gravity.” Executive producer,  Stephen Spielberg picked up the Fisher script/concept in an awesome “break” for a filmmaker known mostly for the locally lensed  “King of Iron Town,” and “Summer Nuts” and “Autumn Mixtape.”

Again, great "joke" unintentionally alluding to the fantasy themes of both  the series and the play. We apologize for the error that we fell for it too.
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