Huntington High Art Students Honored at Ohio University’s Annual Tri-State Art Exhibition

Updated 4 years ago
Huntington High Art Students Honored at Ohio University’s Annual Tri-State Art Exhibition
Huntington High School Art students are getting a great deal of attention this year at Ohio University Southern Campus’ fourth annual Tri-State High School Juried Art Exhibition. The exhibition, which concluded March 14 featured original artwork from students submitted online. Each student can submit up to three works to be evaluated by a jury. That jury then selects 65 pieces from the tri state area to receive honors. Of those 65 pieces this year, 26 were submitted by Huntington High School students.

Hanna Woods’ ceramic piece “Elissa” (shown) won First Place and Gianna Pellegrini’s drawing “Dishes” received Third Place.

Melissa Beckelhimer’s ceramic piece “Mexican Tonight?”, Jo Lewis’s photo “Backside”, Amanda Ross’ photo “Tree”, Haeven Chapman’s painting “Nectar”, and Gianna Pellegrini’s drawing “Self Portrait” all received Honorable Mentions.

Other students’ art work chosen to exhibit includes Sydney Bowman’s painting “Journey into the Unknown”, Savannah Elkin’s ink drawing “Puppy Stage”, Heath Holley’s painting “Poor Trait”, Austin Manley’s drawing “Contour”, Diana Neacsu’s drawing “Peaches”, Gianna Pellegrinni’s drawing “Trumpet”, Daniel Neal’s photo “Abandoned”, Alexander Poore’s photo “Orange Flower”, Santara Tomblin’s photo “Digen Agen”, Destini Broyles’ ceramic “Rus the Walrus”, Sara Clark’s ceramic “Panda with Bamboo”, Jake Elder’s ceramic “Van”, Madison Haymaker’s ceramic “Synchronized Swimming”, Zach Holley’s ceramic pieces “Boot” and “Blowfish”, Misty Gibson-May’s ceramic “Sweet Delights”, Hanna Taylor’s ceramic “Tattered”, Hannah Woods’ ceramic “Grasping Life” and Holly Foy’s photo “Wild and Wonderful”.

Mrs. Leslee Smith, Mrs. Diana Frazier, Mrs. Paula Watts, and Miss Brianna Allen are the fortunate teachers of these talented students. The art work can be viewed on Ohio University's web site at

Huntington High’s Art Department wishes to express special thanks to Ohio University art professor Thomas Suter as well as the Ohio University art department staff and students for their excellent job producing the show. All students who participated received a certificate and a t-shirt with all art entries printed on the back of the shirt
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