OP-ED: Excuse the Interruption: But Does Anyone Remember Syria and Iran?

By Joseph J. Honick
Joseph J. Honick
Joseph J. Honick

 Maybe I’m wrong, but was it not just a few weeks ago when we were threatening something called “consequences” because Syria had allegedly killed off another 1,425 people with chemical weapons…and we were upset about Iran and its nuclear operations?

I know things are upsetting in Ukraine’s Crimea, but aren’t those 125,000 Syrian men, women and children of some serious concern as well as the reported million plus driven into exile?

Even worse, those Syrian government savage bombardments we said were bad enough even BEFORE those alleged chemical weapons assaults…why they’re still going on.

Yes, I do know that the Russians and the Ukrainians are locked in what might seem to many an intramural dispute.  But we got very hot and bothered about those folks in Syria. 

So, now that we’ve gotten ourselves into some tits for tats no one seems much to care about on the Ukraine situation, ought we not at least look as if we really did care about those tens of thousands killed, maimed and more exiled back there in Syria?

After all, does anyone really care?

I recall a convention long ago when someone was wearing a badge that read:  “You Mistook Me For Someone Who Gives a Damn”.  That’s pretty much what we have today, despite all the chatter.

Specifically: Does anyone really think Mr. Putin really gives a hoot about those sanctions?  Seems Syria’s Assad has been continuing his assaults on his own country despite all those threatened “consequences.” 

Iran’s real power, the Ayatollah Khomeini not only has never retracted his threat to “kill all the Jews and annihilate the state of Israel.”  Worse nobody has even suggested he do so!

As to Mr. Putin, do remember he carried off two Olympics recently, and there are rumors some major resort and hotel outfits are laying out plans for expansion in Sochi where those events were held.

And now there is the disappearance of the Malaysian airplane with 239 passengers, and all the world’s experts, with all the big time technology can’t even find the plane.  There are rumors (originating with this writer) that the incident may prove to be the biggest air piracy in history, with major ransom demands still to come.

So, there you have it:  with hundreds of thousands of people in various countries being slaughtered, exiled and otherwise assaulted, millions in America still struggling economically, two conflicts we invested in massively still to be concluded….does anyone really care?

 Finally, as the nation is  confronted with a challenge from the Russian dictator, we look more than foolish as the President calls for more “consequences” and the opposition party violates its own pledge that “we only have one president at a time.”

Is there any wonder the big time Public Relations firms are busy making millions representing people like the president of Iran and Mr. Putin?

Stay tuned….if you can hear what’s happening over the static.

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Honick is president of GMA International Ltd., Bainbridge Island, WA.  He is an international consultant to business and writes on a variety of public affairs issues.

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