Mackie Cast in "Captain America" as Falcon, Appeared as Nate Ruffin in "We Are Marshall"

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Mackie Cast in "Captain America" as Falcon, Appeared as Nate Ruffin in "We Are Marshall"

Super heroes and tentpole cinematic extravaganzas descend upon us as warm weather shoves frosty onto memory lane. Although "Captain America Winter Soldier " will kick off a marvelous summer, moviegoers should add another title to their possible "must see" list ---- Disney's "Maleficent. "

Cresting on its boxoffice blizzard, "Frozen," which would not let go of the Top Ten for 17 weeks, Angelina Jolie provides the voice for the most despised villain of fairy tales, Maleficent, whose poison spindle placed Princess Aurora ("Sleeping Beauty") into a coma awaiting true love's kiss.  The winged Maleficent has not had her story previously told, just the arch hatred and villainy of her character.

Containing an overture to Elsa (the Snow Queen), who possessed a kind heart that prompted her isolation to prevent her wintery powers from harming her sister and the kingdom, Maleficent has a  darkly tragic  back story that alters her from  good mindedness to a frozen heart spewing curses and hate.

Whether memorable characters, hummable music, and adult appeal  strike twice for Disney will be an underdog plotting to redirect some  superheroes and "Godzilla" likes, tweets and buzz. But, “Frozen” came within $10 million dollars of usurping “Iron Man III”  for second place in 2013 behind “Hunger Games  Catching Fire.”

Neither "Captain America Winter Soldier"  or "Amazing Spider Man II " (May 2)   will contend directly with Maleficent curses (due May 31 ) unlike a pending release date controversy that in 2016 would propel "Batman and Superman" into cinemas on  the same release day as the third Spidey sequel.


MU  Thundering Herd fanatics and Marvel Universe fans have a prominent connection  to  the "Captain America"  sequel  in which Anthony Mackie joins the cast as The Falcon. Mackie starred as the Young Thundering Herd’s Nate Ruffin in "We Are Marshall." His  Falcon character was one of the first published African American superheroes, although  Black Panther had a longer comic publishing history.

Ironically, The Falcon gained powers of flight and telepathy following a plane crash. Before the transformation, he had been a dude from Harlem turned drug dealer.

Mackie himself a “baseball kid,” not a nerd, did  remember  that his character's alter ego , Sam Wilson, has a 6'3", 245 pound psyche so the actor began hitting the weights shortly after being awarded the part. The sequel has occasionally be dubbed “Avengers 1.5,’ and there’s Falcon buzz that he will be seen in  future "Captain America" sequels and for "Avengers II."

In one interview, Mackie explained, “ I'm in about 60 percent of the movie,” in which . Captain America, the Black Widow and The Falcon together solve the crime and take down the Winter Soldier. (The Black Widow teams with Punisher in a direct to home video animated release now available for sale.)


Director Marc Webb  assembled a round table of Hollywood funny men to brainstorm the one-liners and quips for the Spider Man sequel.  Obviously, Andrew Garfield’s take on the web slinger will continue racking up the chuckle meter.  Emma Stone returns as his love interest.  The villains are Jamie Foxx as Electro, Paul Giamatti as The Rhino and Dane DeHaan as the Green Goblin.


All mutants assemble for a two time period battle for survival of their race.  Wolverine will travel from 1973 to 2023 attempting to change history by preventing  the assassination of a historic figure by the villainous Mystique. Storm, Iceman, Shadowcat, Professor X, Magneto, Colossus and the Beast, X, and Havok are confirmed from “First Class.”  Director Brain Singer acknowledged that a scene with Rogue has been cut and an early decision determined that Emma Frost will not make a comeback.



Reflecting on the obscurity of these misfits from outer space, Stan Lee acknowledged that though they have the Marvel brand , he did not create them.   Lee’s statement has been disputed by director James Gunn, who goes all the way back to Tales to Astonish (a horror/fantasy pre-Silver Age title that eventually launched the Ant Man) in which Groot, a tree like humanoid (Vin Diesel ) debuted. Advance buzz launches an alien heavy outer space based “Raiders of the Lost Ark,” Peter Quill (played by Chris Pratt)  was  snatched as a child into outer space in the mid-80s. He leads the Guardians as Star Lord. For a little quirky edge, the marksman Rocket is an alien that looks like a raccoon. Bradley Cooper will be his voice. You will also hear about these heroes and villains ---  Drax the Destroyer,  Nebula, Yondu, Ronan, and Gamora.


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