Slides Eroding Portions of "Exceptional" City

Updated 5 years ago by Tony E. Rutherford, News Editor
Slides Eroding Portions of "Exceptional" City

The tour of the City of Huntington stressed facilities in disrepair and alluded to others not on the route.

During the budget hearing, members of the Department of Public Works delivered a Power Point presentation (with accompanying documents) which showed Huntington streets , bridges, and storm water drains decaying.

Often, a pipe leads to the street where storm runoff flows onto a street from private property.

The priority projects total about $7.67 million dollars. Add facilities, technology and equipment and the total rises to nearly $13 million dollars.

Some of the streets needing intervention (in no order) include:

1. North Edgemont Road slide (2), apx. $555,000

2. Eighth Street Bridge, varies depending on grants/match

3. North Walnut /28th Street Storm Line Repair, $25,000

4. Bridge Maintenance and Rehab Start Up, $500,000

5. Hilltop Drive Road Stabilization, $500,000

6. Saltwell Road/Washington Blvd. Storm Sewer, $45,000

7. Stamford Park Road Subgrade, street and drainage, $3,000,000

8. Honeysuckle Lane Erosion/Slide, $60,000

9. Beechwood Drive Slide, $95,000

10. Memorial Park Slides, $450,000

11. 2608 Adams Avenue Sinkhole, $15,000

12. Upper Glendale Stabilization, $10,000

13. Street Light Replacement, $2,000,000

Among Facilities in need of  Replacement/Rehabilitation


1. Retaining Wall Dietz Hollow  at Drop Off Location is failing , $120,000

2. Salt Storage Shed, $100,000

3. Salt Spreader Hanger, $65,000 (keep salt out of weather when not in use)

4. Municipal Garage Overhead Crane Repair, $10,000

5. Analysis/Replacement/Rehabilitation of Garage ($35,000 for analysis up to $2.5 million for replacement)

6. City Hall Upgrades, $500,000














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