Huntington's Chief Holbrook Chokes Up at Final Council Meeting

Updated 4 years ago by Tony E. Rutherford, News Editor
Skip Holbrook
Skip Holbrook
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Stoically referring to a "business as usual" day at the Huntington Police Department, Chief William "Skip" Holbrook took the podium one last time humbly crediting "a fantastic team" at HPD and the cooperation of  city government for "giving me the tools to restore honor, pride and duty" at the department.

Utilizing Mayor Williams oft used football analogies, he told council that the ball is in the Red Zone and it's "up to the mayor to get it in the end zone." Acknowledging "we've had to do so much with so little," Holbrook temporarily choked up when detailing a journey.

"Our community is blessed by prayer and I am too," the home town law enforcement professional affirming that he would not have  "dreamed of coming back and being  police chief in my home town."

Chosen to take the reigns at a time when the force had been cut by a third and faced a community overrun by drugs, prostitution and downtown gun violence, Holbrook said, "I don't take credit for successes. The best is yet to come . We have the foundation in place. We know what we need to get there."

He reassured employees, "we will never go backwards again."

Mayor Williams told Holbrook "we're not going to say goodbye, we're saying see you later," referring to him both as an associate and friend.

"I'm proud because a city six times our size with a police department in disarray reached out to one of our own," the mayor said.

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