OP-ED: A special call to prayer honoring Martin Luther King Jr.

By Alice Click

As America celebrates Martin Luther King, Jr. Day (Monday, January 17th), the National Day of Prayer Task Force (NDPTF) has issued a clarion call to prayer in order to honor his spiritual legacy and his work as a prominent leader in the civil rights movement.

Martin Luther King, Jr. was an American clergyman and a Baptist preacher who is widely recognized as an iconic figure in the advancement of civil rights in the United States and around the world. His Christian faith inspired the use of nonviolent methods to end racial segregation and discrimination, for which he later earned the Nobel Peace Prize. On many occasions, King demonstrated his belief in the power of prayer and its vital role in bringing unity and freedom to all. Below is an excerpt from a speech where he made a powerful challenge…


For I can look out and see a great number, as John saw, marching into the great eternity, because God is working in this world, and at this hour, and at this moment. And God grant that we will get on board and start marching with God because we got orders now to break down the bondage and the walls of colonialism, exploitation, and imperialism, to break them down to the point that no man will trample over another man, but that all men will respect the dignity and worth of all human personality. And then we will be in Canaan’s freedom land.

Moses might not get to see Canaan, but his children will see it. He even got to the mountain top enough to see it and that assured him that it was coming. But the beauty of the thing is that there’s always a Joshua to take up his work and take the children on in. And it’s there waiting with its milk and honey, and with all of the bountiful beauty that God has in store for His children. Oh, what exceedingly marvelous things God has in store for us. Grant that we will follow Him enough to gain them.

As we observe this federal holiday, let us answer the call and pause to join with Martin Luther King, Jr. as he prayed, “O God, our gracious Heavenly Father, help us to see the insights that come from this new nation. Help us to follow Thee and all Thy creative works in this world. And that somehow we will discover that we are made to live together as brothers. And that it will come in this generation: the day when all men will recognize the fatherhood of God and the brotherhood of man.”

Martin Luther King Jr.

Alice Click is coordinator of the West Virginia Prayer Task Force
She cab be reachec at (304) 895-3590
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