EDITORIAL: "John Raese Wouldn't Do That, Would He?"

HNN Staff
John Raese
John Raese

Interim U.S. Senator Joe Manchin will have to run next year if he wants a full term of his own after wrapping up the balance of the late Senator Robert Byrd's term.  When one takes a look at how many different groups Manchin has disappointed in less than one year in Washington, it's no great surprise to hear these voters murmur among themselves, "John Raese wouldn't do that, would he?"

Three broken promises come to mind:

1. Manchin’s Vote for Obamacare. Manchin told us last year in the Raese/Manchin campaign that he had serious reservations about Obamacare. Yet, at Manchin's very first opportunity after being elected, he voted with President Obama on the Senate's re-vote on Obamacare. Manchin's Obamacare vote was Broken Promise Number One.  Who can imagine that a Senator Raese would have done that?

2. Manchin Gives Obama’s EPA a Pass—Even as our Key Industries Suffer. Ask around the coal industry and you'll soon find out how hard it is to get a new coal mining permit in West Virginia, thanks to the Obama Administration's EPA officials.  Timber and farming interests also have unreasonable demands from the EPA. Failing to aggressively defend the West Virginia mining, timbering, and agricultural industries from Obama's abusive EPA is Broken Promise Number Two for Manchin.  Can anyone doubt that John Raese would speak out often in defense of our key industries, especially during a recession?

3. Manchin Votes with Obama on Taxpayer-paid Abortions. When Manchin voted with his Democratic leaders for a bill that would direct taxpayer funds to pay for abortions, that left the state's pro-lifers stone cold.  He promised he’d never vote pro-choice, especially with taxpayers’ money. West Virginians for Life were so outraged that they have taken out full-page ads in newspapers across West Virginia. The taxpayer-paid abortion vote by Manchin constitutes Broken Promise Number Three.  John Raese has always run on a pro-life platform. Raese would not be caught dead voting for any legislation that put pro-life voters in the uncomfortable position of seeing their tax dollars going towards funding abortions.

With broken promises like these, Joe Manchin has looked far more like a U.S. Senator from Vermont or Massachusetts than from West Virginia. Incredibly, these three broken promises have occurred in Manchin's very first year in D.C. Small wonder that many voters in both parties, along with many Independents, are beginning to hope that they will get another chance to vote for John Raese, sooner rather than later.

Manchin has shown himself to be out for Joe, first and foremost, while John Raese always stands on principle, come hell or highwater. Raese's consistency on the economic and social issues that matter the most to West Virginians could prove to be very appealing in 2012.  Stay tuned.

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