Marshall athletic training students to compete in NATSC 2014 Video Contest

Updated 4 years ago Special to HNN Provided by Marshall University

HUNTINGTON, W.Va. - Athletic training students from the Marshall University College of Health Professions submitted their YouTube video earlier this month to compete in the 2014 National Athletic Training Students' Committee (NATSC) Video Contest.

Zach Garrett, interim program director for the department of athletic training, said students worked last fall to produce the "We Got Your Back" video, which mixes the theme music from the 90's hits "Everybody" by the well-known boy band, The Backstreet Boys, and "Wannabe" by The Spice Girls.

"The students worked really hard to write the scripts and produce these videos, which educate individuals on what athletic trainers do and what role we play in a generally active population," Garrett said. "Last year, Marshall University was recognized by the National Athletic Trainers Association and placed in the Top 5 for the video contest, so we are hoping for similar outcomes this year."

Samantha Steele, a December graduate of the Marshall athletic training program, said she enjoyed working on the project and hopes this video will generate positive exposure for the field of athletic training.

"Using modern technology such as video productions or social media is a great way to represent the Marshall community and spread the word about our athletic training programs," Steele said. "The field itself is very competitive, so the fact that Marshall has students who care enough to endorse our profession in a fun, interactive way really speaks highly of those in our college."

The NATSC 2014 Video Contest will conclude at the end of March. Members of the Marshall community are encouraged to watch and "like" the video, as winners of the contest will be determined by the number of individuals who click "like" after watching.

To view Marshall University's 2014 NATSC video submission, visit online. To view the 2013 video submission, which was placed in the Top 5, visit online. For more information on Marshall University's Department of Athletic Training, visit online.

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