DEVELOPING... Disturbance Leads to Heroin Bust

Updated 4 years ago Edited by Tony Rutherford from Multiple Reports

A disturbance at Varsity Apartments in the 2500 block of Third Avenue on Saturday evening, March 29 has led to eight arrests. When Huntington police investigated, they more than 20 grams of heroin, guns, other drugs and $2,000 cash. Seven of the individuals had Detroit and Louisiana addresses. The eighth, Ashley Wayson, lived in the Huntington apartment.

Charged with possession with intent to deliver a controlled substance and additional charges are Chris Reed, Jamal Chambers, Dontay Joseph, Jamal Frazier, Damon Wilson, Tony Williams , Wayson and an eighth person whose name has not yet been released.

Police continue to search for a suspect in a fatal stabbing that occurred Wednesday morning in the 600 block of Third Street West. A murder warrant has been issued for Peter King-Howard, 32, of Detroit. He still has not been found and anyone with information should call 304 696 4444. Christopher Crawford died from multiple stab wounds after an altercation erupted in the vehicle. According to a Herald Dispatch report, both the suspect and victim had criminal records.


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