A Look at the Dynasty's Early Beginnings

Updated 4 years ago by Tony E. Rutherford, News Editor
A Look at the Dynasty's Early Beginnings

St. Joseph's girls basketball team has captured sixth straight state titles. Through the lens of late photographer Chris Spencer, here are a couple of flashbacks.  The first leads to the St. Joseph Invitational in 2009, where the girls team cruised over Winfield. The second collection goes back to March 2011 when the girls defeated St. Mary's for the state championship.

You can catch the memories here:


Also, back in March 2011, he shot the Irish's victory over St. Mary's by a score of 55-49.

Check out this link for the championship story and 25 photos of the victors. http://archives.huntingtonnews.net/local/090126-spencer-stjoebasketball/...


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