"Frozen" Now Top Animated Film Worldwide

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"Elsa" during Winter "Frozen" movie promotion
"Elsa" during Winter "Frozen" movie promotion
Photo by Chris Hayes

Propelled by the popularity of animated films in  Japan, Walt Disney Animation's  bittersweet story of two princesses has emerged on  top of the cinematic animation derby. "Frozen" tells of princess Elsa who possesses the power to control weather; however, its triggered by her own uncontrollable emotions, which leads to sorrow in her family life and results in her choosing to seclude herself so that others do not suffer. It's based on a Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale.

The Snow Princess started climbing the ice mountain to cinematic icon before Thanksgiving. It opened in one theater in California before spreading out like a blizzard. Accompanied by a strong musical score which resulted in an Oscar for "Let It Go," "Frozen" toppled the coveted $1 billion dollar mark riding late in the release pattern popularity from Japan.

Japan opened the production just as DVD sales began in the U.S. where the production continued on  less than 400 big screens. "Frozen" will finish its presumably initial release at a million dollars shy of $400 million in the US and nearly $674 million from international venues.

Over the weekend, "Frozen" became the #1 animated film of all time and consequently the #10 top performing movie worldwide. Not bad from a songstress that the public just would not "let go" until it became available on home screens. Prior to the DVD release, the movie had prevailed in the Top Ten list each weekend, but once on DVD, it dropped to #13 and #17

Statistics  come from Box Office Mojo and do have disclaimers such as totals from first run only, not re-releases. "Shrek 2" and "Toy Story 3" have made more in the United States, however Elsa and Anna just passed "Lion King" on the worldwide charts to give it the global animated crown.

Considering its Japanese popularity, "Frozen" has an opportunity to become the #9 grossing global film of all time. "Dark Knight Rises" currently is the titleholder. The sisters need  about $12 million dollars for that spot. They topped $8 million in Japan last weekend.

The top three films globally are "Avatar," "Titanic" and "Marvels The Avengers."  "Iron Man 3" also released in 2013 is fifth on the chart at $1.2 billion

"Frozen" won the 2013 Oscar for best animated film.

You go girl(s).

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