HPD Code Enforcement Citations

Updated 4 years ago by Brian Chambers, Director of Communications City of Huntington
Mayor Steve Williams reports that since Jan. 1, the Huntington Police Department’s Code Enforcement Unit has issued 1,518 code enforcement citations.

That brings the total for this fiscal year to 3,244. Compliance remains at approximately 76 percent, meaning more than three-fourths of the property owners clean up their mess and avoid a fine.

Here is the breakdown:
Junk Storage: 1,125
High weeds/combustibles: 939
Rubbish/garbage: 561
Sanitation: 276
Vacant structures and land: 142
Other: 68
Unsafe/dangerous building: 49
Unlicensed vehicles: 39
Unpermitted work: 11
Unlicensed concractor: 10
Unsafe accessory structure: 7
Obstructing drainage ditches: 7
Dumping: 5
Obstructing sidewalk: 4
Decaying substance: 1
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