Huntington City Council Considers Budget Revision

by Tony E. Rutherford, News Editor

Finance Director Deron Runyon has some good news contained within the administration’s proposed budget revision --- B & O and Sales Tax Revenues are up.  However, the line item for the city’s insurance expenditure has an increase of $415,086.

B & O funds have come in $357,227 more than projected. The sales tax has $337,000 more too. Add $43,423 from new building permit fees. Investment income increased $3,000. The city receives $100,000 more than projected compensating for interstate Registration Plan fees. Wine and liquor tax collections are up $45,000, too.

On the other hand, parking violation income --- impacted by the bond revision auditing issue --- sags $118,000, “other” grants drop 12,005, and gaming income dips 4,000.

Runyon explained that most of the major changes come from the audit where specific line items were recommended to be altered and contingencies differently calculated. One of those recommendations creates a new line item for the landfill and incinerator of $1.1 million in addition to the trust fund.

Expenditure increases are shown in engineering ($65,000); police ($97,859, Jean Dean Building rent top two floors); central garage $22,600; streets and highways 3,600; storm sewer $20,000; economic development , $10,000; mayor’s office $13,000; and other buildings , $16,500.

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