OP-ED: Where Is the United Nations of Hypocrisy? Where Is the World?

By Joseph J. Honick
Joseph J. Honick
Joseph J. Honick

Excuse my raising the very idea the UN is failing utterly, where is this outfit while the Russians run amok on the border of Ukraine?

Answer:  what we see is one of the clearest expressions of international hypocrisy the world has seen in decades!

If Israel had tried even in a small version of this clear violation of national independence, there would have been instant calls for immediate meetings of the UN major bodies to insure rapid resolutions condemning these actions.  So where are all those nations who pretend to care about safe borders and the rights of the weak to be protected from the strong?

 In other words, so called “United” Nations is virtually an impotent expression of international concern for those nations and innocent people screaming for attention and help.

The clear question is simply and disgracefully:  where is the UN?  Why has it clearly avoided even a whisper of expression about the Russian steps to undermine Ukraine, steps that  anyone would see as violations of all the United Nation supposedly stands for…the same UN that can hardly wait to condemn Israel for much smaller provocations.

Added to this confusion are more questions.  For example, why has the Obama administration not demanded loudly for the UN General  Assembly to hold very public hearings of anything at all that might show world anger over what’s occurring along the Ukraine border?


Nor is it only a disgrace that those who attack the Obama administration have said much about the absence of UN action.

 Could it be that those who run the UN carnival are afraid of Mr Putin and his operation?  Could it be as well that the massive investments of Western industry and commerce in Russia don’t want to rock any business boats?

 Finally, why are none of these questions being even raised by influential media of the right or the left?

It is not merely a conundrum; it is a suggestion the international community has been and continues to be guilty of the most shameful aversion to deal with realities that could lead to major catastrophes.   It is the same United Nations of Hypocrisy that could in a virtual blink of an eye  pass a resolution  condemning even the slightest move by the state of Israel .

 Again, why are these questions not raised by the world’s media, political leaders of the right and left or just about anyone else , including either Republicans or Democrats of the United States Congress?

 So, as a long list of threats to world peace, the safety of men, women and children in a variety of nations are blatantly ignored, the  body heavily funded to be a leader for peace once more Is moribund . 


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Honick is president of GMA International Ltd., Bainbridge Island, WA.  He is an international consultant to business and writes on a variety of public affairs issues.

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