PARALLEL UNIVERSE: Wonder of Wonders, MSNBC Covers Horrific Islamic Crime in Nigeria

By David M. Kinchen
MSNBC's Tamron Hall
MSNBC's Tamron Hall

On Wednesday, April 30, 2014, I   watched Tamron Hall of MSNBC cover the story of the kidnapping of more than 200 school girls in Nigeria (on Thursday, May 1, she had another segment on the kidnapping story. I'm a big fan of Luling, TX native Tamron Hall!) This is the first time I've seen a major news outlet devote substantial time to this latest Islamist crime.

Here's part of a story by Britni Danielle on Apr 25, 2014:


"While the media continues to follow the confrontation between the federal government and “welfare cowboy” Cliven Bundy; the South Korean ferry tragedy; and Prince George’s first royal tour, more than 200 Nigerian schoolgirls are still missing.

"Last week officials believe Boko Haram, an Islamic terrorist group, kidnapped the girls from their school in Chibok. After being stolen from their school, the girls were dragged into the forest where nearly 30 escaped. The rest haven’t been heard from since the attack, and the media’s silence about their plight is uncomfortably loud."

Nigerian-born, American-raised poet Bassey Ikpi, who recently moved back to Nigeria, took to Facebook to air her concerns:

"Over 200 little black girls were kidnapped from their school and the silence of media outrage is deafening. Twenty years later, they are still trying to find who killed Jean Benet Ramsey. They wouldn’t rest until Natalie Hollaway’s killer was put to justice. Over 200 little black girls were kidnapped from their school and are being held as sex slaves for a terrorist organization. Why are we so damn quiet?"

Ikpi’s thoughts were also echoed by the Guardian’s Anne Perkins:

"The fate of the Nigerian girls, who had been recalled to class in order to sit a physics exam, when all the other schools in the area were closed by security fears, has not been entirely ignored by the world’s media. But it has been overwhelmed by the story of the sinking of the Sewol [the South Korean ferryboat].

"Exacerbating the tragedy and media’s silence is the fact that Nigerian officials have also been slow to react. On the same day the girls were abducted, Boko Haram detonated a bomb in Abuja, Nigeria’s capital, killing more than 70 and injuring many others. Soon after, President Goodluck Jonathan was on the scene, but the same swift response hasn’t happened for the girls."

                                     * * *

That's the problem: The media persists in avoiding anything that shows Islam in a bad light, including its pervasive misogyny and anti-Christian and anti-Jewish spewing of hatred. Leftists -- almost to a man and woman anti-Israel and pro-Palestinian -- have refused to allow Ali Hirsi to speak on campuses (, and I think they would extend the same treatment to the protagonist of "Hidden Girl" which I reviewed a few months ago:

Israel haters toss around the word "apartheid" about a state that has citizens of all the major religions, while not mentioning real apartheid states like Jordan and Saudi Arabia, where Jews aren't allowed to live. Christians live in Jordan, but are not allowed to practice their faith in Saudi Arabia.

But the (mostly) left-wing Israel haters don't want to hear about this; only about their nemesis, the only democracy in the Middle East.

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