Comic Fans Grab a Free Comic

Updated 5 years ago Story and Photos by Tony Rutherford
Comic Fans Grab a Free Comic
Huntington's Free Comic Book Day again attracted the "largest crowd ever," according to Kathleen Miller, Comic World owner. Members of the Mandalorian Mercs Star Wars Costume Club came in full costume.

Professional Cosplay performer Elsa Littlepage stopped by Huntington's three comic shops as The Black Canary (Dinah Lance). who fights crime using martial arts and a sonic scream attack. She often fights with Green Aarow and the Birds of Prey, as well as the Justice League of America and the Justice Society of America. Her first appearance was in 1947.

At Purple Earth Comics, Littlepage posed with a figurine of her character, which is in our photo gallery. The figurine Canary fans runs $99.00.

She also visited Meade's Comic Exchange in Central City which participated in the event.

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