Tri-­‐State Comic Con Expands Guest List

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Tri-­‐State Comic Con Expands Guest List

Comic Con Coming and it will be May 31 at the Big Sandy Superstore Arena from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. VIP tickets are sold out. Table and vendor locations are sold out. Tickets are $10. 

The third year has now made Tricon the largest comic centered show in West Virginia. Those on the guest list include Gail Simone, Pop Mhan,   Jeremy Barlow and Mick Foley. Here's a background on those guests: .


Gail Simone is a critically acclaimed, fan favorite writer of comics and animation.

A former hairdresser, Gail Simone began her professional writing career writing Simpsons Comics for Bongo, Killer Princesses for Oni Press, and quickly followed that up with a very successful (but brief) run on Deadpool for Marvel Comics.

She then went to DC, writing defining runs on books like Bird of Prey, Secret Six, Action Comics, and Wonder Woman. During this time, she worked on animation for Tomb Raider, Brave and the Bold, Justice League Unlimited and the Wonder Woman animated film.

After several years as a DC exclusive creator, she now works for many publishers, including Tomb Raider for Dark Horse, based on the hugely successful game relaunch, and Red Sonja, for Dynamite.

Gail continues to work for DC, with her hugely successful Batgirl run, and her cult favorite title, The Movement.

She lives in Oregon with her family and dogs.


Pop Mhan

Pop Mhan got his start in comics when he joined Wildstorm Productions in San Diego in 1996. Since then, Pop has penciled Spyboy, a comic book written by Peter David and published by Dark Horse Comics. He’s also worked on Blank at Tokyopop, Batgirl and The Flash for DC Comics, Bionicle and World of Warcraft, Ghost Rider, Marvel Adventures: Spider-man for Marvel and Gears of War for Wildstorm/DC. Pop currently pencils He-Man and the Masters of the Universe for DC Comics.

Tri-­‐State Comic Con Expands Guest List

Jeremy Barlow

Jeremy Barlow is an Eisner Award nominated writer and editor whose graphic novel credits include R.I.P.D City of the Damned, Mass Effect: Homeworlds, Star Wars Rebellion and Metalocalypse/Dethklok. based in Portland, Oregon- he’s a member of the famed Periscope Studio.


Mick Foley

His multi-faceted career has seen Foley turn from 3-time WWE champion to 2-time New York Times #1 best-selling author to his present incarnation as stand-up comic/spoken-word performer. Foley’s nationwide tour “Tales from Wresting Past” showcases his unique style of surreal story-telling and his trademark blend of wildness and warmth that promises to take both wrestling and comedy fans on a memorable and entertaining ride. His shows have already garnered a collection of stellar reviews from around the globe. Chortle, the UK’s most respected comedy source said, “onstage, Foley is charm personified: eloquent, self-effacing and funny.” Best-selling author Paul O’Brien, writing for The Layfield Report raved, “He always leaves them laughing. Laughing, standing at the end and always wanting more.” Even the decidedly non-wrestling publication Broadway Babies mused “If you’re interested at all in wrestling, you’ll love it; if you’re not, you’ll like it.”

Tri-­‐State Comic Con Expands Guest List

One of the cornerstones of WWE’s meteoric rise in the late 90’s, Mick Foley earned the nickname ‘The Hardcore Legend’ for his ability to absorb seemingly inhuman punishment in some of the most dramatic matches in sports-entertainment history. Already a respected veteran for his 11 physically punishing years wrestling under the name Cactus Jack, Foley’s career soared to new heights in WWE as ‘Mankind’, a character Foley claimed was inspired by a combination of reading Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein and listening to the music of Tori Amos.

As Cactus Jack, Foley won the 1995 ‘King of the Deathmatch’ tournament in Yokohama, Japan, and continued wrestling, despite the amputation of his right ear, in a match against Vader in Munich, Germany in 1994. As Mankind, Foley was a 3-time WWE Champion, but is best known for his epic and brutal battle with The Undertaker in 1998’s ‘Hell in a Cell’ match, during which he was knocked unconscious after falls both off of and through the 16 foot Cell structure. Despite the injury, Foley finished the match – with one of his front teeth lodged in his nose.

Have a Nice Day The book remained on the Times list for twenty six weeks. A follow-up, 2001’s Foley is Good hit number one on The New York Times list as well. Foley has published a total of ten books; four memoirs, four children’s books and two novels.

After speaking at some of the United States most respected colleges and universities – including MIT, Syracuse University, Notre Dame and The University of Miami, Foley decided to take his story telling skills to the stand-up stage, making his head-lining debut in 2009, before a sold-out crowd at the world-famous Hollywood Improv. Mick has since performed at both the Montreal “Just For Laughs” Festival and the Edinburgh “Fringe Fest” – the two largest comedy festivals in the world, and has headlined tours of the UK, Ireland, Australia, and South Korea.

Foley’s acting credentials include ’30 Rock’, ‘Warren the Ape’, Now and Again’, ‘G vs. E’ and ‘Boy Meets World’ and he was featured in the critically acclaimed documentary ‘Beyond the Mat.’ He has done voice work on ‘Squidbillies,’ ‘Celebrity Death Match,’ and ‘Avatar: the Last Airbender’ and was featured in a 2012 episode of ‘Celebrity Wife Swap’. His list of guest appearances includes ‘The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, ‘The Late Show with Jay Leno,’ ‘Late Night with Conan O’Brien,’ ‘Who Wants to be a Millionaire,’ ‘Good Morning America,’ ‘Family Feud,’ ‘Redeye,’ ‘Larry King Live,’ and several appearances on ‘Today.’ He was featured in a 2010 story on ‘ABC’s World News Tonight’ for his work as an online volunteer with RAINN, the nation’s largest anti-sexual assault organization. Foley was also recognized for his work with RAINN at 2010’s ‘Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear’ – where he was awarded a Medal of Reasonableness’ from Jon Stewart.

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