Huntington's Council Considering CDBG Allocations

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Huntington's Council Considering CDBG Allocations
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Huntington City Council will consider the proposed 2014 allocation of Community Block Grant Development funds.

Charles Holley, executive director of development and planning, made the presentation during the council work session, explaining that the amount of funds have decreased. $1.612,772 which represents an approximate decrease of $51,000.

Holley indicated that some projects that have been partially funded have opportunities already in the works to obtain the additional funding through other matching grants.

Among the items recommended for funding is a new pumper fire engine for the Westmoreland station which would be funded over a three year lease purchase. Housing demolition would receive $160,000 for the demolition/board up program. This is $40,000 less than requested which means about eight properties will not be funded.

The final portion of the Old Main Corridor would be funded with $90,875which completes a $500,000 match for completing Tenth to 12th Street. Phase II of the skate park would receive $45,000 to accompany an LWC grant.

A pilot sidewalk replacement $25,000 sidewalk replacement project is included. Under the proposal the residential owner would pay 50% and the city would contribute 50% of the costs.

A PDF of the requested funds, amount funded, and amount available is available for download.

Council will discuss the allocations Monday at 7:30 p.m. A finance committee session regarding pay grades precedes the meeting. The Finance meeting starts at 5 p.m.


  1. 2014 Proposed CDBG (140.04 KB)
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