Huntington Police Have Busy Day at High School, Sixth Avenue

Updated 4 years ago Edited by Tony Rutherford from Multiple Reports
Huntington Police Have Busy Day at High School, Sixth Avenue

Huntington Police officers had a busy Thursday, May 8.

First, they investigated a threat written in a rest room at Huntington High School that stated a shooting would occur at 2 p,m.  Although no other evidence was found, police and security personnel patrolled the school. A female student later "confessed" according to TV reports to writing the statement which Jedd Flowers, Cabell County Schools Communications Director, believes that the statement was written "out of boredom," but officials must take any threat seriously.

Following a text sent by the school system to parents, some wanted to pick up their students. School continued until closing with students remaining in the classrooms and police patrolling the halls. Since response to the handwritten threat did not deem it to be legitimate, the school was not placed on lock down.  A normal schedule will occur on Friday.

The suspect faces discipline from the school system.

Down on Sixth Avenue, following a Tuesday prostitution sting, members of the Special Emphasis Unit responded to an apartment structure in the 300 block of Sixth Avenue. According to a WSAZ TV report, tips had revealed nuisance activity at the location. Police found guns and drugs including an assault rifle. Four grams of heroin were recovered. One arrest was made; three individuals from Detroit were detained and later released.

The location has been closed , condemned and declared a nuisance.

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