Heroes File for Non Profit Status

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Heroes File for Non Profit Status

California, Maryland – Foundation 4 Heroes, Inc., a non-profit organization created to benefit children, is proud to announce that they are a public charity and have officially filed for tax-exempt status under Section 501c3 of the United States Internal Revenue Code on May 9th, 2014. This means they can start gathering support and tax-deductible donations

The mission of the Foundation 4 Heroes (F4H) is to support and enrich children’s lives: promote the superhero inside, and inspire children; (1) to never give up, (2) always do the right thing, (3) help other people and (4) never be a bully (by being kind and respectful). We encourage the children to believe in themselves, fulfill their dreams, and overcome obstacles while lifting their spirits and being supportive of their unique needs.

In this clip from the Today Show provided by You Tube , members of Huntington's Heroes for Higher visit young people at a local hospital. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VRP3-WmUcFs 

This is the initial phase of the organization to meet with potential sponsors, accumulate momentum and funds, to help get the program in motion. Then as soon as they have the resources, they plan on traveling to big promotional events, purchasing a Batmobile to amaze the children, attending fundraisers, visiting hospitals and hope to eventually even send terminal children on wonderful trips or for an amazing experience

Founder and president, Dr. Jay M. Lipoff of Back at Your Best Chiropractic & Physical Therapy stated, “This is a huge step forward to being able to get superheroes out to the children and schools that need them most and allowing them to spread our positive message as well.”

Dr. Lipoff had an idea last fall and brought it up to Mike Koslofsky, of the Superheroes of Southern MD (SHoSMD), and John Mark Buckland, of Heroes 4 Higher (H4H), because he had witnessed the positive affects these groups had by interacting with the kids. “Their passion and commitment to helping children is infectious and genuine,” stated Lipoff.

Both Koslofsky and Buckland were immediately thrilled and helped develop the organization because of its importance to the children in our communities. Buckland came up with the slogan, “Even Heroes Need A Hero, because although we may appear as a superhero, the kids fighting Cancer are “The Real Heroes” and give us strength to keep making a difference in their precious lives.”

Foundation 4 Heroes is also now eligible to apply for government and foundation grants, which will enable them to receive funds to send superheroes along the entire East Coast to where ever they are needed. However their major efforts will be by word of mouth and social media avenues.

They were all excited to tell the world about their organization but only recently decided to do it now because one of their heroes passed on from Cancer to Inspire the Angels. Tracy Dale was another special kid but what he did really touched the heart of Mr. John Buckland of H4H. It reaffirmed why what they and the F4H do is so important.

Tracy made an ultimate gesture of unselfishness and greater purpose we he attempted to donate $700 of his own money to Batman, from H4H, in order for him to purchase a Batmobile kids like him would enjoy.

Mr. Buckland did not take the money but in turn started a fundraiser for Tracy, which netted three times that amount for the Batmobile/”HOPE-MOBILE”. With a heavy heart Buckland revealed he would have Tracy’s name memorialized on the car in brass. His name will join three other fallen heroes that have passed and the H4H superheroes were pall bearers for. The vehicle will be a rolling memorial for children they have personally served, and have passed on.

Although there have been several heroes lost during F4H’s journey, it is in Tracy’s honor today, they announce the Foundation 4 Heroes to the public to recognize him and all of the little heroes they want to support.

Koslofsky added, “The hope is as we become bigger, we can visit, evaluate and recruit other organizations to become the same driving force of positive reinforce6ment and motivation for our kids. We want heroes who understand the intensity, commitment and love needed to “Be The Hero” to the children.”

For several years now both Buckland and Koslofsky have been supporting, volunteering and inspiring children over several states. They have been praised on national TV, websites, by politicians, in newspapers and most importantly by the families they have helped stay positive and filled with hope during difficult times.

“Are You Ready To Be The Hero?” If so, please won’t you help them spread the word through every media outlet and contact you have? They can’t do this alone. There is “Strength In Numbers.” You can make a donation to this cause by clicking the Donate Button on the bottom of their webpage page. It would be greatly appreciated.

The Foundation 4 Heroes, Inc, EIN is – 46-4821965 and they have officially filed their necessary paperwork with the IRS in a timely manner, which grants the Foundation 4 Heroes Inc. its 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status.

Visit them on Facebook at; https://www.Facebook.com/F4Heroes, on the web at; www.F4Heroes.com, call 1-844-F4Heroes or email them at DrJay@F4Heroes.com.

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