Huntington CDBG Funding Changes Lives

by Tony Rutherford HuntingtonNews.Net Reporter
The Ebenezer Medical Outreach Centre received $134,000 for Section VIII loan repayment on its Douglas Centre facility.
The Ebenezer Medical Outreach Centre received $134,000 for Section VIII loan repayment on its Douglas Centre facility.
Long time executive director, Yvonne Jones, will be leaving the center it was announced at the council meeting.

A long listing of Community Block Grant Development projects brought upbeat inspirational working together praises to Charles Holley, executive director of planning & development and his staff. They worked to blend diminishing CDBG federal funds with other matching grants and spacing out contributions to make the allocations go as far as possible in changing lives and adding little by little new tax payers to the system.

Mayor Steve Williams said the "little bit" which ranges from $2,000 (for lighting replacement on 14th St. W and manhole and line replacements) to $200,000 for A.D. Lewis Center operating expenses, nearly $91,000 to complete the Old Main Corridor project, and $165,000 for demolition and board up programs.

For the first year, $25,500 has been provided to Unlimited Futures for "microenterprise" assistance which provides entrepreneur training and outreach.

A representative of The Healing Place appeared to thank council for last year's allocation and the one for 2014 which provides $30,000 toward Phase III construction.

Last year, council hit a roadblock finding funds for Healing Place. However, as the Mayor described, "the spirit moved" and eventually council allocated $35,000 and organized a BSSA fundraiser.

The rehabilitation center this year has a 69% of graduates remaining in compliance (substance abuse free) and are earning between $1,000 to $2,000 per month.

"A little bit creates an awful lot," Williams said, noting that like the $3,000 for the Grace Food Pantry filling the stomachs of the hungry helps them "dream again."

The mayor beamed, "we serve those who have the greatest needs in the community and create jobs and opportunity."

Holley noted that a revision was made due to a consultants discovery that the prior allocation funded $20,000 for Harris River Front park striping. Maintenance is not permitted under CDBG guidelines. $10,000 was allocated to purchase and install trees at Harveytown Park. Fairfield East was bumped $5,000 to $130,000 and the demolition projects received  the other $5,000.

Correcting an earlier misstatement, the new fire pumper is for the Guyandotte station, not the Westmoreland station.

Other than corrections notes, all items remain unchanged from the previous PDF.


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