OP-ED: 'The Way of the SEAL': Another Path Toward Personal, Business Success

Reviewed by David M. Kinchen

When I received my review copy of  'The Way of the SEAL: Think Like an Elite Warrior to Lead and Succeed" (Readers Digest Association, 224 pages, $21.99) I reflected about the other business books I've read -- and I've read and reviewed many --  and how the Way of the SEAL applies to civilians. If we can learn from Trappist monks -- http://www.huntingtonnews.net/71536 -- why not an elite military unit like the SEALS?  

Mark Divine, an ex-Navy commander and 20-year SEAL veteran, along with co-author Allyson Edelhertz Machate, provide the reader with exercises, meditations and focusing techniques to train your mind for mental toughness, emotional resilience and uncanny intuition.

OP-ED: 'The Way of the SEAL': Another Path Toward Personal, Business Success

"War is Hell" as the famous Civil War general William T. Sherman   said. There's a bit of a dispute about where and when he first said it, but it's on record that on April 11, 1880, he addressed a crowd of more than 10,000 at Columbus, Ohio and said: "There is many a boy here today who looks on war as all glory, but, boys, it is all hell." 

The world of work is often just as hellish: Just ask veteran news person Jill Abramson, who was recently fired after less than three years as the top editor at The New York Times

 "The Way of the SEAL" may help readers focus of what's important and what can be ignored. I have a feeling this book will be more relevant to small business owners and entrepreneurs than to employees because Divine himself tells how his dot.com business suffered a severe loss of income and had to be restructured.

Just as the the secrets of the Trappist monks of South Carolina may help business people -- and people in general -- so may Divine's formulations may help people reaffirm your ultimate purpose, define your most important goals, and take concrete steps to make them happen. In any case, it's a practical guide for businesspeople or anyone who wants to be an elite operator in life -- and a fun read. "The Way of the SEAL" will teach you how to: 


  • Lead from the front, so that others will want to work for you
  • Practice front-sight focus, the radical ability to focus on one thing until victory is achieved
  • Think offense, all the time, to eradicate fear and indecisiveness
  • Smash the box and be an unconventional thinker so you're never thrown off-guard by chaotic conditions
  • Access your intuition so you can make "hard right" decisions
  • Achieve twenty times more than you think you can
  • and much more


Blending the tactics he learned from America's elite forces with lessons from the Spartans, samurai, Apache scouts, and other great warrior traditions, Divine has distilled the fundamentals of success into eight powerful principles that will transform you into the leader you always knew you could be. 

About the Authors

Mark Divine
Mark Divine

A native of Oneida County, New York, Mark Divine served in the U.S. Navy SEALs for 20 years, retiring as a commander, and holds an MBA from New York University's Leonard N. Stern School of Business. The founder of SEALFIT, NavySeals.com, and U.S. CrossFit, he has started and led six multimilliondollar business ventures. Having coached thousands of Navy SEAL and other Special Operation candidates with a success rate near 90 percent, Mark now trains the public in the eight Way of the SEAL principles through his Unbeatable Mind Academy (unbeatablemind.com). The author of "8 Weeks to SEALFIT" and "Unbeatable Mind", he lives in Encinitas, California, with his wife, Sandy, and son, Devon.


Allyson E. Machate
Allyson E. Machate

Allyson Edelhertz Machate (allymachate.com) is a Phi Beta Kappa member and the founder of Ambitious Enterprises, an award-winning business that offers expert writing and editorial services to business professionals, publishers, agents, and authors. A New York native, she leads a team of content professionals from her home near Baltimore, Maryland.

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