Egregious Corporate and Enviromental Atrocities Relate "Amazing Spider Man II" and "Godzilla"

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Egregious Corporate and Enviromental Atrocities Relate "Amazing Spider Man II" and "Godzilla"

Peter Parker's Spiderman swings through New York City with the greatest of ease. Monster Godzilla and dinosaurs trample San Francisco more than an earthquake. What do the two new flicks heavy in computer generated imagery have in common? Corporate greed and environmental atrocities, that's what.

Parker would not have been injected with venom except that the Oscorp corporation had been performing unlicensed cross species experiments, leading to human testing. Maybe for a potential pharmaceutical good, but the cure benefits only wealthy, along with classified projects.

Quick fade. "Godzilla" and ancient dinosaurs awaken due to an imbalance of nature triggered in the Philippines by nuclear generation of energy. No mentions of real life melt downs, but the fictional opening typhoon does ring symbolic bells to Fukushima. And, one character carries a watch that last ticked on 08/06/45, the date the bomb fell on Hiroshima.

Although the military spews lasers, bullets and munitions at the creatures, their original awakening came from testing nuclear weapons. Even, the cheesier "Godzilla" (and imitations from the 50s and 60s) often had radiological mutation origins. B movies of the era ("Year 2889", "Panic in Year Zero") had no budget for special effects; CGI did not exist. Day after apocalypse imagery occurred from frantic dialogue.

America had specific nations for enemies, unlike now, when any one with a deranged crusade may put together a terrorist killing people political and personal statement.

"Godzilla" has a professor predicting , but no one listens. Too much financial loss at risk. Who cares about the lives of a few people or a village?

Hollywood has finally broken the NYC post-9/11 taboo, as "Spiderman II" has Times Square in panic. (Look for an ironic tip to competing Marvel Studios distributor Disney in one scene by Sony.) The surge is the electrical grid and a quiet, unimportant man named Max who falls victim to corporate arrogance and inadequate staffing to become "Electro."

Experimental mistakes have long been the origin for super heroes and villains. Comic writers and artists appeared to have their psychic brain hats on --- or, they were astute in foreseeing environmental ramifications of more than just nukes.

Here's a scary scenario: Let's say to save funds (the balance is already beyond deep red) corporations with a stealth nod from regulators permit the unthinkable for political expediency. By companies cutting safety hurdles they win bonuses for achieving contractual objectives in faster time and with few injuries.

Egregious Corporate and Enviromental Atrocities Relate "Amazing Spider Man II" and "Godzilla"

Have not we been there and done that with the post World War II and Cold War compensation of energy workers toiling amongst irradiated venues without proper knowledge or protection, attempting to "salvage" a valuable mineral for reuse?

During the Cold War era the giant U.S.S.R. (and mainland China) were the bad guys who might lay waste to America by dropping multiple bombs. Now, the nation has many disillusioned countries and people blasting policies or jealous of our past successes.

Still, we're trying to save a few bucks to balance the budget. So, in this hypothetical scenario (Spielberg , you listening, the consequences are far beyond the "Super 8" railroad cars?), truck drivers pick up their unknown cargo and transport across the country's aging infrastruture. Their destination is Yucca Flats, Arizona. The "Jaws-like" close the beach warning... the stuff inside reacts to water. What happens if a driver nods off, hits a few vehicles, then turns over? First responders arrive in mass. They don't know that putting H2O on the leaking cargo will react like nitroglycerin. Wouldn't C.G.I. animators have a lucrative assignment. Who would you cast as the sleepy truck driver, as the whistle blowers with knowledge, as the fire chief, regulators and other responders?

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