Have a Band? Ritter Park Live May Want You

Updated 4 years ago Edited from a Press Release

Porch Unplugged will be hosting -booking artists and bands for this summer's Ritter Live summer concert series. Dates scheduled: Saturday, June 7th, August 2nd & August 16th from 4 to 8pm. We will also host one on Sunday, September 7th from to 2 to 6pm. I would like to schedule 5 to 10 artists/bands to play. Please contact me if you would like to play so I can schedule you.

Contact: Joe Troubetaris, 302-632-3925 or porchunplugged@gmail.com

The Ritter Park Amphitheater, after opening its doors 100 years ago, has recently gotten a great new look, and a new series of events to entice young & old alike ! This year, as we re-introduce people to the Amphitheater, we’re entertaining them with the Ritter Live concert series and the Huntington Area Regional Theater !

The Ritter Live Concert series will be designed to spotlight some of the amazing local musicians and artists from Huntington and the surrounding Tri-State area. The free Saturday afternoon/evening event will feature a variety of music genres, served up by some great solo artists, and some incredible bands !

Our hopes are to expose the community to a great entertainment venue filled with music and community theater, and to promote the incredible talents of many local people. We hope the Ritter Park Amphitheater will become Huntington’s weekend destination for music and theater and that more and more people will come and enjoy.

Admission to the Ritter Live events will be free, but donations will be accepted to help some of our struggling musicians….. Tickets for the Huntington Area Regional Theater productions will be family priced, and will be available at several locations in Huntington and can be purchased on-line !


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