"The World Wars," History's Latest Miniseries Filmed in West Virginia Premieres Memorial Day

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"The World Wars," History's Latest Miniseries Filmed in West Virginia  Premieres Memorial Day
Narrated by two-time Oscar nominee Jeremy Renner, History's "The World Wars," principally filmed in West Virginia last fall, premieres Memorial Day, May 26, for a three-night broadcast. Pam Haynes, director of the West Virginia Film Office, said she is ecstatic that the Mountain State was chosen as the primary film location for a miniseries that showcases a 30-year period that changed the course of human history. "Stephen David Entertainment filmed for several weeks in numerous locations throughout the eastern panhandle, and we are honored that our state doubled for Germany, Mexico, France, Italy, Belgium, and many other countries."

"This is the second time Stephen David Entertainment has chosen West Virginia for its prime film location," Haynes said. "The same company filmed the Emmy Award-winning miniseries "The Men Who Built America" for three months during the fall of 2011 in the eastern and northern panhandle regions."


“After shooting The Men Who Built America in West Virginia, I knew we would be coming back for The World Wars," said executive producer Stephen David. "As if the Industrial Revolution hadn’t been a big enough challenge, this time we were staging not one, but two World Wars – tanks, explosions, trenches and more. It’s not easy to pull off that sort of epic scale production, and there’s no question, we couldn’t have done it without the cooperation of the West Virginia Film Office and the support of the state’s tax incentives.”


David added, “The World Wars takes place across 30 years, with key scenes set all over the globe, from the White House to Winter Palace, and just about everywhere in between. Shooting in West Virginia, we were able to find these incredible, well-preserved locations that doubled for such a diverse selection of countries.”

"The World Wars," History's Latest Miniseries Filmed in West Virginia  Premieres Memorial Day


David said, “It’s a very film-friendly community there – the people and businesses are genuinely excited to have us. When you’re greeted with that sort of positive attitude, it really helps set the right tone for your production.”


West Virginia is renowned for its great hospitality. The film tax credit program, which was enacted by the legislature in 2007, has given the film office a competitive economic tool for recruiting more film production to the state. The program offers a tax credit based on a percentage of the amount of money a qualified production spends in the state. Dozens of merchants in the state are utilized during a typical production, and to encourage the hiring of local workforce, the tax credit percentage is increased if a production employs a minimum of ten in-state residents full-time.


The value of having West Virginia imprinted on the minds of potentially millions of viewers across the nation and around the world is enormous, said Betty Carver, commissioner of the West Virginia Division of Tourism.


History will premiere the six-hour special event series on three consecutive nights beginning Memorial Day, May 26 at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT, continuing Tuesday, May 27, at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT, and concluding Wednesday, May 28, at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT. Later this summer, the three-part series will also premiere on History2 and in more than 160 countries across the globe. For more information about the miniseries, visit www.history.com.


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