DEVOTION: The Cutting Edge

by Beth Bondurant
HUNTINGTON, WV (HNN) -One's healing from a deep cut inflicted by broken glass discarded in hurricane clean up. Receiving a picture of "nothing"... where once stood a house and barn. Watching the devastation of flood waters recede oh so slowly.


Listening to the stories of those struggling to get things "back to normal" from fallen trees, mammoth debris and long power outages.


One wonders how Shalom will come for so many.


O God, it feels like you walked off and left us, kicked our defenses to bits and went away. Come Back. O please, come back! Earth shook to the foundations, ripped open huge crevasses.  Heal the breaks! Everything feels like it's coming apart at the seams. It's like looking doom in the face. Now do something quickly, answer right now, so the one you love best is saved.


Like the Psalmist, we cry out to the God of all creation and wonder and seek and hope and trust.


O God, we are on the cutting edge of our of faith.  Devastation and pain cause us to lose sight of your presence and peace.  Hold on to us, we pray, until we gain our stability and are able to stand firm and move in faithfulness and confidence in your love and grace. No matter what the challenge ... the calamity... the casualty... the consequences...we cling to your promises of love and hope.  Time will heal us but as we wait, we thank you for the balm of goodness you will apply daily to the cutting edge.

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