Cabell County Schools Providing Students Access to Accelerated Reader Program this Summer

Updated 3 years ago Provided by Cabell County Board of Education

Cabell County Schools is pleased to announce that students in grades K-8 will have an additional tool to help them keep their reading skills sharp over the summer.  For the first time, the school district is making Accelerated Reader (AR) testing available to Cabell County students at all Cabell County Public Library branches and at select childcare centers. 

 Accelerated Reader is a motivational, online tool which provides students with thousands of online quizzes to encourage student reading.  Based on student test outcomes, the tool will award students points for correct responses. 

To take advantage of this tool, Students simply log on to the site at any library with the sign in information they use at school and take an AR test.  The computer will keep track of their scores and points while the students continue to read throughout the summer and after school in the fall.

There is also a parent component to the AR program which allows parents to monitor their children’s test taking activity and scores, providing them with an email report when their child takes a test.


For additional information, please contact Angie Ware, English and Language Arts Supervisor for Cabell County Schools by email at or by calling (304) 528-5053.

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