We Are Marshall Alums Linden, Mackie Team on Planned Films ; McG and Viola Producing CBS High School Drama

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We Are Marshall Alums Linden, Mackie Team on Planned Films ; McG and Viola Producing CBS High School Drama
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Jamie Linden, who penned the screenplay for McG’s “We Are Marshall” has been climbing steps in Hollywood, like Ironton, Ohio, native Mickey Fisher, whose mini-series “EXTANT” (produced by Steven Spielberg ) debuts this summer on CBS.

Linden will be adapting  “Noggin” for the screen. Published in April by Simon and Schuster brand Atheneum Book, it concerns a dying 16-year-old who agrees to be Ted William style cryogenically rozen until medical science discovers a cure for his disease. According to Deadline.com, when he awakes his head has been placed on someone else’s body and his friends have gotten older.

The premise sounds like that faced by a boxer in the classic, “Here Comes Mr. Jordan.” The dude mistakenly taken to Heaven too soon leads angelic Mr. Jordan to place his “soul” in the bodies of others, who one-by-one continue to be wasted or offed, just as he’s finally getting his former love to fall for his new embodiment.

Anthony Mackie in "We Are Marshall"
Anthony Mackie in "We Are Marshall"
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Linden  who  penned  and produced “Dear John” and “10 Years,” has been contracted to write and direct “Noggin” which is based on the John Corey Whaley novel.

In addition, Linden joins fellow “We Are Marshall” star Anthony (“Captain America Winter Soldier”) Mackie  in the production of a film based on Jesse Owens , the sprinter whose four Gold medals  at the 1936 Berlin Olympics bashed Adolph Hitler’s theories that German’s are the superior race.  Linden and Mackie are looking for a distributor in hope that the film can make it to screens by 2016.

Catch a preview of "Ojija," from You Tube by clicking on the frame:

Variety recently announced that McG, Susan Cartsonis and Mary Viola will produce the CBS film, “The Duff” (defined as Designated Ugly Fat Friend). The story tells of how the high school senior determines to “reinvent herself” though a plan to embarrass the school’s pretties girl.  Mae (“Parenthood”)  Whitman, Bianca (“Channing,” “The Fosters,” “Ouija”)  Santos,  and Robbie (“The Tomorrow People”)  Arnell have been cast.


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