Broken Icon Co-Founder Talks Growing Comic Cons in Dayton, Baltimore, Huntington

Updated 3 years ago by Tony Rutherford , HNN Entertainment Editor
2013 Tricon Photo
2013 Tricon Photo
by Tony Rutherford

What factors do you feel are causing comic conventions to grow especially in this region?

I honestly think it's the promoters. If you do a great job, and put out a great product, then you will gain a fan base and it will grow. Our success has been huge becoming the most attended show of any kind in WV in only two years.

The fans we have are unlike any others. They are amazing and they make it easy for us to get guest and put this on every year.

Have you had success in other cities like in Huntington?

We haven't promoted other shows but the shows we've been to are hit and miss. Dayton, Ohio which is home to Gem City Comic Con is great to us and Baltimore is always a joy.

what are the difference in fans --- do they like different characters --- in Dayton and Baltimore?

No. Again I think its how the promoters approach the show. If you pitch a show as a media show, your getting TV and movie fans. If you pitch it using cosplay your getting people who like to dress up. If you pitch it as comics, then you get comic fans. Baltimore, Gem City, Derby City and ourselves pitch it as a comic show by comic fans for comic fans.

I know this is "business", but do you have a "favorite" style or group of characters?

I don' t approach it as business. I approach it as what would I want to see in a comic show. I approach it as fun not business. I don't love characters as much as creators; Every creator here I love their work; whether its Jeremy Barlow's Mass Effect or James Asmus' Gambit.

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