Central City Dollar General Brings More than $1 Million Dolllar Investment

by Tony E. Rutherford, News Editor
Breanna Shell, Huntington Planner
Breanna Shell, Huntington Planner

A proposed expanded Dollar General store in Central City will bring $1-1.2 million and investment dollars to the West Side, according to Greg Googer, the chain's director of development. Located on 14th St. W. across from the West Huntington Library, the expanded business will replace the location next to Safeway. In addition to the West Huntington location, Dollar General will open a store this summer or fall at the former Beverly Hills post office venue.

The 91,000 square feet venue will offer a "full line of items and more counter space," Googer told Huntington City Council Tuesday, May 28.

Brianne Shell, director of planning , told council that the development unanimously passed the planning committee. Seven parcels have been acquired, including former residential space, which is why the parcels were voted rezoned to C-1 from R-4. Dollar General will replace the former Lilly's Bar, too.

Councilman Gary Bunn told council that the use fits within the comprehensive plan and that "we should have rezoned the whole block."

Tom McCallister told council "that I support any business that want to move [or expand] into District 2."

About six to ten employees will work there.

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