Fisher Relays "Extant" Premiere Buzz

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Fisher Relays "Extant" Premiere Buzz
"Extant" , a new CBS science-fiction mini series debuts July 9 on CBS, created and written by Ironton , Ohio, native Mickey Fisher. Stephen Spielberg is the executive producer of the series which features Halle Berry.


Quick recap of the premiere: Julie and I hit the blue carpet at 7:00pm in front of the Science Center and quickly realized we've never learned to pose for this kind of thing, as the pictures will attest. Greg and I were interviewed by a bunch of places in rapid fire succession and then we headed into the where the screening was being held... right under the space shuttle ENDEAVOR!! It was truly spectacular.

The cast was there, our producers, a lot of the team and crew, agents, managers, CBS (including Mr. Moonves), my new friend Cady Coleman who is an astronaut with seven tours in space and a constant source of information... Nina Tassler, the force of nature chairman of CBS Entertainment gave the opening speech and talked about the moment Amblin brought them the script.

Fisher Relays "Extant" Premiere Buzz

There were some cheers and I will admit to tearing up a bit, and often for the next 45 minutes. Per our Hollywood tradition, Julie and I didn't eat anything at the event so we were starving and drove immediately to In&Out on Van Nuys, and as we were talking about how surreal it all was, we happened to glance to our left and see a billboard for the show at the corner of Van Nuys and Ventura.

If it's all downhill from here it was a hell of a ride!

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