Government Training Manual Labels Worker as “Freddie Kruger” and Personal Physician , Dr. Hannibal Lechter; Removal of DEEOIC Director Demanded

by Tony Rutherford HuntingtonNews.Net Reporter

Reproduction of Government Training Manual Page
Reproduction of Government Training Manual Page

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HUNTINGTON, WV (HNN) – “There was safety built in , but they [Department of Energy , its contractors and predecessors] did not play by the rules,” explained Jeff Walburn, a former security guard at the Portsmouth Gaseous Diffusion Plant. “You cannot kill the workers.”

Walburn has traveled on a 17-year journey after suffering he was accidentally baptized in a “26 chemical cocktail.” The exposure , among other injuries, burned his body inside and out.

However, Walburn represents only one of the ”Cold War” veterans of United States nuclear weapon building and recycling objecting to a claim’s examiner training manual that labels a fictitious claimant as Freddie Kruger.

Dr. David M. Manuta, Ph.D. , FAIC, president of Manuta Chemical Consulting, Waverly, Ohio, complained to Gary Steinberg , Acting Director, Dept. of Labor Office of Workers Compensation Programs, of a history of “disrespect” toward program claimants.

Writing on behalf of the Alliance of Nuclear Worker Advocacy Groups, Dr. Manuta stated “to use the names of mass murders as names for physicians and workers is demeaning. By allowing the use of these names in the training manual, Ms. [Rachel] Leiton , [director of the Division of Energy Employees Occupational Illness Compensation (DEEOIC), has shown her lack of respect for workers.”

Dr. Manuta continued, “the manual stresses in two chapters the need for an accurate decision, however, the reason stated for accuracy is not only because that is what the claimants deserve, but because DEEOIC would receive bad press or the attention of some Congressional Offices.”

Citing Leiton's response to nuclear workers proof of claims, Manuta calls her previous statement "extremely inappropriate and insulting."  During a May 25, 2011 Advisory Board Meeting on Radiation and Worker Health, Leiton stated that worker affidavit's are not sufficient "when the $150,000 [in compensation] is on the line...when we just have one affidavit from a person whose self-interest is to say that they're in a building and that's it, without any verification that they were there --- it's not administrable.... It would cross all our sites People would just say, well, I was in the buiilding at Rocky Flats."

(Editor's Note: In many cases records of workers at a DOE site have been shredded or are otherwise unavailable. The Huntington Pilot Plant is an eligible worker venue that relies heavily on affidavits, since the plant and documents are buried in Piketon, Ohio.]


Walburn told HNN that he and other suffering workers and families take the disrespect personally.

“When I was exposed I was burned completely. Freddy Kruger was horribly burnt,” Walburn explained. “Our nuclear program has killed more Americans than the Japanese and Russians” combined. “I know great people who died too early.” 

He continued, "Many of us were exposed to radiation and chemicals. We are burned up. We would naturally be depressed or have some sort of Post Traumatic trauma. If someone was knowingly falsifying information and keeping you from getting your benefits, but I am disgusted with a government system that has spawned these kind of individuals. They are twisted to use examples suggesting the pathologist would be Hannibal Lector and the workers Freddy Kruger. Workers have all been burnt up by radiation; they were literally cooked from the inside out at Piketon from sub-critical mass or “slow cookers.”

Incidentally, Walburn was a machine gun armed guard that watched from above as the remnants of the former Huntington uranium processing Pilot Plant was buried in a classified location at Piketon.


He recalled back to the 1979 burial, “We know for sure that open trucks carried contaminated [nuclear] waste poured truckload after truckload of debris [in Piketon].” For the first time he revealed, “an air conditioner was buried,” suggesting a high level of contaminants breathed by those who worked near the air conditioner.

After the burial of employee records and the trucks themselves, Walburn stated that “truckload after truckload” dumped “concrete” at the site. The concrete carrying trucks were not entombed. However, The Portsmouth Times and other journalistic publications have reported the “leeching of materials” from the burial site as a “threat to the community” water supply.

Stating that workers know the exact location of the buried plant, he suggested that “core drilling” be done with the Best Available Technology to learn the danger from contaminants.

Reproduction of Government Training Manual Page Using Hannibal Lector
Reproduction of Government Training Manual Page Using Hannibal Lector



Alluding to the danger of transport of these radioactive materials, Walburn referred to incidents during the Clinton Administration. At that time , Bill Richardson (1998-2001) was the Energy Secretary.

“One was called the Southern Cross Incident and the other was called the Bailey Incident. Men who worked there [Piketon] got cancer of the brain. They gave them full benefits , early retirement, protection and full benefits. They were only transporting the stuff we made and they got those kind of benefits. I guess they did not want a mutiny of [federal workers], they gave in to them. We were sub-contractors working in a federal installation, we did not get [benefits].

“We had workers [at Piketon] who had kids die of neuroblastoma [brain cancer] . The same as those drivers. The description of the “Southern Cross Incident” and “Bailey Incident” that caused federal [truck driving] workers to get benefits are almost identical to what happened at our plant,” Walburn explained.

[Editor’s Note: Richardson in 2008 had been rumored to be in line for Commerce Secretary in the Obama Administration. However, Richardson, who served as New Mexico’s governor, was reportedly under investigation by a federal grand jury for “pay to play” dealings involving CDR Financial Products.]